Project Event at the Interzum global trade fair

Project Event at the Interzum global trade fair

“Global timber trade and legality legislation” – Conference at Interzum, May 15, 2013, Cologne – Germany.

Organized by TRAFFIC International, ATIBT and FSC Germany, with support from the European Commission through the TRAFFIC FLEGT project and Interzum.

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Workshop context:
There is an ever increasing body of legislation impacting the timber sector; this legislation is aimed at reducing or even eliminating illegal timber from the markets. In Europe in particular, the European Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into force on the 3rd of March this year. The EUTR makes it a legal requirement for anyone placing timber in the EU market to undertake due diligence process to prevent or reduce the chance of illegal timber entering the EU. The US has had similar legislation in the shape of the Lacey Act and Australia now has the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012, and corresponding provisions in Switzerland.

The workshop wants to spotlight the topic from two different perspectives:
In key notes, debates and other inclusive formats we want to discuss the different experiences which companies have had during the lead up to and the first two months of, the EUTR implementation. What are the main hurdles for the corporate sector? What are the practical methods and best practices available to navigate in this new legal landscape? What opportunities are available in this new legal landscape? What support is offered by third party certification schemes as well as monitoring organizations? How are the authorities in charge of implementing EUTR enforcing the legislation?
In the second part of the workshop, we will host regional round tables with international speakers and participation focused on specific developments in Asia, Africa, Latin America as well as Eastern Europe and Russia.

The workshop is aimed at the corporate sector – traders, agents and timber processors. But also other timber sectors such as retail and construction! We offer other interested parties participation and interesting promotion options. Places will be limited so please get on the early-birds list and contact us with any further questions you may have:

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This project is financed by the European Union / Este proyecto está financiado por la Unión Europea