Release of Report Evaluating EU Timber Trade from South America

The report authored by Rupert Oliver titled “Evaluation and scoping of EU timber importers and imports from South America” contributes to monitoring the impact and effectiveness of FLEGT- related policy measures.

A key aim of the report is to increase stakeholders’ understanding of the complexities of the trade between South America and Europe. It highlights timber trade from Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru and adopts a broad definition of “timber” to include all “timber and timber products” as defined by the EUTR.

In recent years, the contribution of the Amazonian region to commercial supply of timber on international markets has been falling, driven by a range of factors, though this is offset somewhat with increased trade of pulp products from Brazil. Regional trade of timber and timber products within South America remains high.

Report available to download here

This project is financed by the European Union / Este proyecto está financiado por la Unión Europea