The project staff, with support from the country teams and training experts, will prepare training materials and modules in response to the needs identified as priorities. To ensure that training opportunities are available to as wide an audience as possible, project staff and consultants will elaborate modules for distance learning, tailored to meet the needs of specific stakeholder groups, particularly those of indigenous and other forest dependent peoples. These modules will be published on the project website as provided in the form of an interactive DVD. Multimedia materials such as video will be used to facilitate accessibility and learning.

A particular area for attention will be equipping South American stakeholders with knowledge and tools useful for participating in FLEGT processes related to the establishment of Voluntary Partnership Agreements, an area in which many lack previous experience. The project will therefore provide vehicles for the exchange of knowledge and experiences with stakeholders from countries where VPA negotiations are meeting with success. This exchange, and mutual learning more generally, will be more effective if linked to global learning networks on FLEGT proposed in other actions, and to Forest Governance Learning Groups.

View the training website in ES only, by following this link : traffic-cursogobernanzaforestal.com

This project is financed by the European Union / Este proyecto está financiado por la Unión Europea