The project team meeting in Quito for the first time

Project meeting in Ecuador

Project Information

The project, titled “Supporting the implementation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan in South America: Catalyzing initiatives to control and verify the origin of timber in trade and support related improvements in forest governance “ is an action funded by the European Union (European Commission / EuropeAid Programme  regional Latin America and the Caribbean DCI-ENV/21.040100/20-656/2011/277-872) and runs from 2011-2014 . The project slogan is “For legal timber: well-managed forests are forever”.

The project is a collaboration between TRAFFIC (strategical partnership between WWF and IUCN), WWF Colombia and IUCN-South America. The project office is based  in Quito, Ecuador.

Project Objective

Concerns regarding illegal logging, deforestation and associated loss of forest goods and services, including timber stocks, are common throughout much of tropical South America. The EU FLEGT Action Plan provides a significant opportunity to address these concerns and associated development impacts. However, thus far there is relatively little understanding among key stakeholder groups of the intent or content of the Action Plan, the opportunities it provides, or pathways for its implementation, including via the development of Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs).

Nevertheless, there is a growing and promising political momentum for the advancement FLEGT-related initiatives. The project’s overall objective is therefore to create an enabling environment and increase capacity in South America for  initiatives that reduce illegal logging and bring timber trade in line with EU-FLEGT Action Plan objectives, with a particular focus on trade to the European Union from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The project includes the following strategic objectives:

1. Ensure that key forest stakeholders groups in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have a clear understanding of the intent and content of the EU FLEGT Action Plan and the opportunities it offers.
2. Foster a clear understanding in key European forest stakeholders on the complexity of forest governance in South America.
3. Encourage discussion on indicators to measure changes in forest governance.

This project is financed by the European Union / Este proyecto está financiado por la Unión Europea